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Integrated Testing Platform

BOLT™ is an end-to-end testing platform making automation easier and centralized in a single DevOps pipeline.

Help Teams Go Faster

BOLT helps teams go fast by automating testing and the build process for infrastructure.

Manual -> Automation

Leveraging an open source framework, BOLT makes automation easy-to-use for manual testers and business users.

Jumpstart DevOps

BOLT can also jumpstart DevOps and System Modernization efforts.

Fast, Plays Well with Others

BOLT™ connects to your favorite tools to bring automated build, test, and deployment together. Customize the toolset to fit your needs.

Red Hat Container Certified

“Customers are looking to migrate their applications to the cloud leveraging containers as the deployment model,” said Mike Werner, Sr. Director, Global Technology Partners, Red Hat. “Red Hat container certification assures a supportable platform for all types of customer deployment models. Red Hat is thrilled to work with software partners like SWAT Solutions, resulting in the world’s largest commercial ecosystem for containers.”



Leveraging the power of the Gauge Framework, BOLT™ is built to be used by automators, manual testers, and business alike.


BOLT™ has a modular architecture with extendible classes and objects that follow object-oriented principles.


The BOLT™ framework is built with scalability in mind. It is not only scalable within an application, but extendable to other applications.

Pre-Built Libraries

The pre-built libraries in BOLT™ include functionality around Dropdowns, Drag and Drop, Get Text, Get Attributes, Popups, Checkbox, Visibility, and more.

One Place

Dedicated test platform including Test environment, application under test, reporting, and more.


On-demand infrastructure for scaled testing.

Quality in One Place

Dedicated test platform including Test environment, application under test, reporting, and more, all in one place.

Bolts On

The BOLT™ Framework is built to bolt on to existing architecture. Its integration capabilities are focused on plugging right into an existing infrastructure, or leverage our packages to show a proof of concept using your software.

Lightning Fast

BOLT™ is built to be fast on many levels. Setup and configuration, Writing test cases (once), Fast execution, Fast reporting and error detection, Automated Builds

Running Start

BOLT™ includes pre-built libraries and integrations that allow the team to get a running start on building out automation. These libraries can be scaled to multiple applications, saving even more time and work.

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