Install BOLT Lite Library

Advanced Install of BOLT Lite Library for Developers, DevOps, and more.

Install BOLT Lite Library

Get up and running quickly by downloading BOLT Lite Library. Check out the install video to see how the install looks. Requirements: Chrome.

Install Java8

(built with 1.8.0_131)

Install Gauge

Download Gauge and install with plugins for reporting and Java

Install IntelliJ

Download and install IntelliJ Community Edition. Add Gauge plug-in to IntelliJ.

Clone BOLT Project

Clone or download BOLT Lite Project from GitHub

Link Dependencies

Open the BOLT_Test_Lite_Project folder in IntelliJ to import maven dependencies. Follow these instructions to specify the Java JDK.

Open Getting Started Guide

Open the Getting Started Guide, open an example project, and click run from IntelliJ to execute automation.