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BOLT comes with many features to help enable teams to move fast, with quality.

Easy-to-use Automation

BOLT Leverages Gauge, Selenium, JMeter and more to make automation easy for the whole team.


BOLT Integrates with your favorite tools.

Pre-Built Libraries

BOLT comes with pre-built libraries to get the team up and moving fast.


Every project is unique. Build on the base of BOLT and customize automation for yours.


Automate mobile apps and execute locally, or in the cloud.


Some of the specifics on ways that BOLT helps teams move faster. More in our readme at github.

API Automation

Write API tests in Gauge and integrate them into a fully automated build pipeline using Jmeter and SOAPUI.


BOLT uses containers as nodes for test automation, build automation, monitoring and more.

Negative Testing

Automate Happy Path and Negative Tests with proper handling of each in the pipeline.


Leverage data for testing with Pre-Built support for database calls using JPA

Smart Elements

Smart Elements allows for easy and flexible ways to grab elements on the page.