• Features

    A powerful toolset for building, testing, and automating the quality of software.

BOLT Build

Parallel Testing

Execute tests simultaneously with on-demand infrastructure or testing platforms like Browserstack, Sauce Labs, Perfecto, and more

Performance Testing

Built-in Integration with Performance Testing allows for on-demand testing to make sure the application is performing.

Headless Testing

For real speed, remove the browser interface and test with headless browsers.



Automated Bug Creation

Create bugs automatically in Jira with BOLT – build, functional, API, Performance, etc…

Database Connections

Run automated tests with lots of data using db connections.


BOLT™ plugs gauge into API testing with Selenium and Jmeter. Run all types of API testing suites.


BOLT™ supports responsive web and native mobile testing.


BOLT Observe

Centralized Dashboard

Know the health of your application by checking out your testing stats, bugs, performance and monitoring in a centralized dashboard.

Security Testing

BOLT uses the open source ZAP framework for base-level security testing.

System Health

System monitoring during performance testing and automation.


BOLT Learn

Smart Elements

Smart Elements make it easy to find elements on the page by grabbing them by their associated label.

Pre-Built Libraries

The pre-built libraries in BOLT™ include functionality around Dropdowns, Drag and Drop, Get Text, Get Attributes, Popups, Checkbox, Visibility, and more.


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